We explore places and connect people

Lakenergy was founded with the aim of revolutionizing mobility and to develop tourism infrastructure becoming a green guide to discover the area

Our values

A greener world

We’re convinced that the true energy transition will only take place when mobility in all its forms is totally sustainable

Experiential tourism

We strongly believe in experiences that make you entertain and excite

Sharing is everything

We want to connect as many people and places as possible by placing collaboration and trust at the center of relationships

A look to the future

We always question ourselves to keep up with the new market conditions and to respond to them in an innovative way

Where do you find us

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Lago Maggiore
Lago d'Orta
Punta Ala
Lago di Lugano
Lago di Como
Lago di Garda
Lago d'Iseo
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Lago Trasimeno
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What we offer to our partners

We collaborate with the tourist infrastructure of the area (municipal administrations and municipalitys, hotels, agritourisms, guest houses, restaurants, campsites, nautical clubs) to promote eco-friendly tourism capable of attracting new customers


Control management

We provide all our partners with software that can remotely control the fleet and collect all usage data

Each facility can choose between two modes:
  • On demand service: we bring the number of vehicles required by the accommodation in 1 hour
  • Free loan for use: we leave our vehicles under management at the hospitality

Administrations and Municipalities

Facilities and services
  • Photovoltaic systems on the roofs of municipal buildings built at our expense
  • Charging column systems for boats and electric cars
  • Supply of electricity produced by photovoltaic or hydroelectric plants at very affordable costs
  • Relamping for public street lighting, reducing costs and increasing efficiency thanks to LEDs

Where are our partners


Administrations and municipalities

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